Collector aggressively seeking all movie poster and theatre related Batman promotional materials from the 1943, 1949, and 1966 Batman series.

Starting in 1940, printers added the National Screen Service (NSS) numbers on the bottom right of every poster. In 1941, the simplified the code to be just “41”, followed by a slash mark and three numbers (for example 41/245). Posters were distributed through a local exchange which was located in each major city. The posters were issued in the following standard sizes:

One Sheet (27”x40”)

Two Sheet (41”x54”

Three Sheet (41”x81”)

Six Sheet (81”x81”)

Bus Stop (40”x60”)

Half Sheet (22”x28”)

Bill Board (246”x108”)

Lobby Card (11”x14”)

Movie Still (8”x10”)

Movie Ticket (rare examples were stamped with Batman)

For the 1943 and 1949 Batman movies, the films were issued as a serial. A serial is a motion picture consisting of a series of short subjects exhibited in consecutive order at one theater, generally advancing weekly, until the series is completed. Generally, each serial involves a single set of characters, protagonistic and antagonistic, involved in a single story, which has been edited into chapters after the fashion of serial fiction and the episodes cannot be shown out of order or as a single or a random collection of short subjects.

Each chapter was screened at a movie theater for one week, and ended with a cliffhanger, in which characters found themselves in perilous situations with little apparent chance of escape. Viewers had to return each week to see the cliffhangers resolved and to follow the continuing story. Movie serials were especially popular with children, and for many youths in the first half of the 20th century a typical Saturday matinee at the movies included at least one chapter of a serial, along with animated cartoons, newsreels, and two feature films.

The 1943 Batman movie was supported with marketing materials which included a Silkolene Banner, Batman Club Card, and a Promotional Costume.

Appearance, Auto Shows, and Appearance Posters Wanted

For the 1966 TV Show, both Adam West & Burt Ward appeared throughout the United States dressed in costume to promote the show. Lucky fans were able to meet the caped crusaders at the State Fair, Auto Show, Circus, Shea Stadium, and other venues. Posters, broadsides, and tickets can be found and we are aggressively seeking all examples.

The duo (West & Ward) continued to tour in costume throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. We are looking for original posters, broadsides, handbills, photos, and tickets from these events.