Adam West Cowl

Collector aggressively seeking an authentic, screen worn Adam West cowl. Looking for 1966 TV series, 1966 Movie, Pink Cowl episode, and Appearance cowls wanted.  Also, Batman Stuntman Hubie Kerns cowl and costume wanted. Highest Price Paid. Immediate Payment.

Adam West was outfitted with the now iconic fiberglass shell which was covered with a special satiny material, shadowed face highlights with painted eyebrows.

It is interesting to note that the 1966 TV Test Costume was manufactured with the ears sitting higher on the cowl, following the style of the 1943 and 1949 versions. The staff of William Dozier productions immediately identified the problems of the ears being cut off from view of the camera for close up shots of Batman. The fix was to move them down to the middle of the cowl.

The solving of a technical problem lead to one of the most iconic costume looks of all time, Adam West’s 1966 Batman cowl!