Born in 1969, Troy R. Kinunen has been a fan and collector of Batman toys and memorabilia since day one. Dating back to his earliest Birthdays, Christmas presents, and Halloween costumes, Kinunen celebrated with gifts featuring the images of Batman, Robin and all of the arch rival villains. Gifts were quickly unwrapped to find the Mego Batcave, Bat Copter, and Batcar. Unlike many kids, Kinunen kept his original toys and still cherishes them to this day.

During the 1970s. Kinunen saw the world famous batmobile first hand at the Chicago Antique Auto Museum. After gawking in awe, Kinunen added to his growing collection an authentic Corgi Batmobile with Batboat and trailer which came in a deluxe collector’s box.

With a mimeograph copy of a celebrity address book, Troy Kinunen first wrote to Adam West for an autograph in 1994. With a 29 cent stamp and SASE, Kinunen sent the only item he had at the time which was appropriate for an autograph, a blank index card. After nervously waiting 10 days, the mailman delivered a package postmarked from Idaho. In it contained the card which was signed, “To Troy, Zap, Adam West, Batman.” The Caped Crusader came through!

His passion continued to grow, and with access to DVD’s and the internet, Kinunen began to research the history of the Batman franchise. He quickly became enamored with the 1943 original movie release which starred Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft as Batman and Robin. Six years later Robert Lowery and Johnny Duncan starred in the 1949 version. Considered the Golden Age of Super Heroes, Kinunen admired the charm of the costumes and story lines and is aggressively seeking any items associated with the two movies. 1949 Robin star, Johnny Duncan, lived until 2016 and Kinunen was fortunate enough to have conducted a private autograph signing and interview him about his role as the 2nd Robin. Duncan recalled that he wore about 6 costumes during the filming of the movie, and could not wait to throw them on the floor for the final time during the last day of shooting. Hopefully, one has survived.

For the next 40+ years, Kinunen collected the very best Batman related autographs, movie posters, and costumes.  His ultimate goal is to locate Lewis Wilson’s 1943 Original Batman Cape and complete costumes from the 1966 TV show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. If you have any Batman related memorabilia, please contact Troy R. Kinunen at (414)-828-9990 or email